My life began as a sick child, born on august, I weighed less than normal and was very small. My chances of living were slim yet I came out alive. For the first 6 years of my life I lived content, I had friends I had people whi wanted to talk to me, but it all changed when I went to the third grade. I felt more or so like an outcast, I watched a classmate almost commit suicide in front of me, I saw people die and not a thing was done. I was heavily bullied and never had any friends at that point, but I did play a lot of roblox and found out what discord was. Around 2017-18 I finally made an account and met my "best friend" I miss you. We met in some shady animal jam scamming server, but I knew we were gonna be close for almost ever. Some fuckface called Crack or Creek or Craig, whatever they want to call it fucked it up. But it was really my fault, I fucked myself up and now im paying. I've returned back to square one, having to feel like the black sheep. If youre reading this, you know who you are, I love you so much and I will never be able to fix what I broke. And to my family, I think you guys are strange but my dad was always there for me, even if he is a little dismissive I hope that life finds you well. This is some weird ass suicide note, I probably will pussy out or forget about it. But in the case I want this ready. I want to be burned with Max in the case that I am dead.